Who to Contact

For help regarding Texas Mutual® online services, your access, or the policy information displayed, contact Texas Mutual Insurance Co. by phone at 1 (800) 859-5995 or by e-mail at information@texasmutual.com.

To report technical problems with this web site, write a detailed e-mail to webmaster@texasmutual.com.

Logging In & Out

Some areas of Texas Mutual® online services require you to log in.  To obtain an account, please call 1 (800) 859-5995 during business hours or apply for an account online

When you log in, your password is encrypted through Secured Sockets Layer (SSL), and is verified by our system.  Remember, your Password is case sensitive.

Your session is automatically established and named in a cookie, or tiny temporary-file, on your computer.  Your session is maintained by the activity between your computer and Texas Mutual® online services. If there is no activity for more than 15 minutes, you will automatically be logged out.  This is called timing-out.  It is part of how we protect your policy information.  If your session times-out, you are asked to log in again before your request is completed.

While you're logged in, the data you can access is determined by the permissions associated with your account.  Agents can access all of the policies associated with their agent code.  Policyholders can access only their policy, or policies.

Read more about Texas Mutual® online services security.

Our Recommendations for Best Results

Browsers:  Texas Mutual® online services require either Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox with at least 128 bit encryption to run properly.   Visit the Microsoft, Google, or Firefox site to download a browser.

Monitor Resolution:  We recommend a resolution of at least 1024 in width.

PDF Retrieval Instructions:  Texas Mutual® online services currently offers quotes, policies, and endorsements in Adobe PDF format. Retrievable documents are in PDF format, so you will need the Adobe® Reader® to view and print them. Visit the Adobe® Reader® site to download.